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Wireless Cyber Security & Eavesdropping Detection System

  4. Security against Wireless Cyber Hacking & Eavesdropping

Growth of wireless data hacking threat through IT equipment legitimately delivered though

Attacking Public Consumer’s
Off-the-shelf Products

Various wireless communication technologies that can be used for wireless hacking & eavesdropping

Wireless hacking devices tend to be of high-performance and compact, applying various available technologies and receiving wireless data from distance of 10s of km.

Wireless Cyber Hacking Incidents

  • NYT Report “NSA Quantum Program” 100,000 PCs loaded with hacking programs controlled by wireless signal [New York Times – 2014.01.14]
  • Apple and Amazon found surveillance chips in their server hardware contracted from Chinese Super Micro
  • Mitsubishi Electric hack began in China in March 2019. Compromised data including Defense were collected and transmitted outside from a transmission terminal. [Asahi – 2020.01.20]
  • Spy hacking chip costs only $200 Commercially available technology for anybody with hacking intent[Wired – 2019.10.10]
  • “Warshipping” Device dropped off in a mailbox IBM Researcher developed and tested a POC device, disposable, low cost and low power computer to remotely perform close-proximity attacks, regardless of the cyber criminal’s location,[2019.9 Forbes Report]

US NSA(National Security Agency) uses wireless frequency channel for data transmission without internet connection