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Wireless Cyber Security & Eavesdropping Detection System

  5. Detection System – Product

ALPHA-S overview

Alpha-S allows users to monitor multiple rooms and locations (domestic and international) simultaneously from one central  location center.

ALPHA-S (Data Security & Eavesdropping Detection)

Wireless data security system can detect and defend against all radio frequency attacks in real time. Detects abnormal frequencies by scanning the entire frequency range (25kHz – 5GHz) every 1 second.

Real time Detection entire Frequency range

• Scan and detect signals in 24/7 real time

• Analyse signals based on detection algorithm and immediately identify any unauthorized wireless RF signal

• Transfer the unauthorized wireless signal information to the central controller
Collect & Control Data

• Control and manage the signal information collected by the detecting terminal

• Provide statistics of the signal information

• Run the Sever system and Database

• Access control for Monitoring S/W and users

Admin confirm & take action

• Operate detecting terminals installed in distributed places (1 set of SW handles up to 100 terminals)

• Monitor detected signals and alarms in real time

• Display statistics and generate report

System Features

ALPHA-S Security Process of Wireless Cyber Hacking

Process from Detection to Action & Feedback

Product line-up