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NeuralEye AI Box Solution

Innovation for existing CCTV System through NeuralEye AI Box

   Benefit of NeuralEye AI Box Solution

1. NeuralEye AI Box features (Deep Learning Video Analytics) are an intelligent extension for existing CCTV camera system

  • It enhances your existing CCTV system without replacing the cameras and network infrastructure
  • Saves staff’s time and resources by self-monitoring, self-detecting and self-alerting only targeted   items/events
  • Features (4,8, and 16 channel models):

           * Deep learning based ‘artificial intelligence’* Various AI video analysis package choices
           * Ideal for surveillance, business intelligence access control, loss prevention, etc.
           * Compatible with existing Onvif based VMS, NVR/DVR and Alarm monitoring system
           * Intuitive user interface
           * Onvif & RTSP compliant
           * Equipped rule engine to detect various situation and actions such as Intrusion, Occupancy, Loitering,   Enter/Exit, Line Crossing
           * Counts the number of objects that exist in a specific zone or counts the number of objects that pass  through a specific zone

2. Edge devices (NeuralEye AI BOX, AI Camera)

  • Minimises control server load
  • Improves infrastructure central server capacity management

3. Deep-learning engine and analytics rule engine

  • Constant improvement on accuracy of video data analysis

4. Minimises false alerts

  • Accurate detection across a wide range of environments (e.g. changes in light, fog etc.)
  • Multiple ways to communicate events to suit your monitoring system ( Alarm out, Pop-up, Email)

5. Compatibility and easy integration

  • Compatible with existing Onvif based VMS, NVR/DVR and Alarm monitoring system
  • Easy integration with various APIs and protocols (Onvif, REST, Email, TCP, RS485)
  • Easy integration with an annotated video stream
  • HTML5 Web based configuration (No plugin)

6.  Improves HDD capacity

  • Selective/targeted recording by object (vehicle, car, motorcycle) event
  • Increased total recording days per HDD

7.  Efficient/fast searchability

  • AI (event, rule) instantly searchable when an event happens
  • Enhanced security options

   Advance in CCTV Analytics