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DNN (Deep Neural Network), AI-based Early Bushfire Detection System

  1. Bushfire Detection System Overview

Mitygo Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company providing cutting-edge solutions to prevent the risk of bushfire disasters.

Our bushfire Detection System, Mitygo has Australia’s standard patent and International Patent pending.


Every year, thousands of forest fires across the globe cause disasters beyond measure and description.

This issue has been the research interest for many years; there are a huge amount of very well studied solutions available out there such as Geostationary satellite, Drone spotter, Sensors’ network, for testing or even ready for use to resolve this problem.

Most of countries (including Australia, USA, South Korea and German, etc.) are using terrestrial network system.

Our DNN (Deep Neural Network) AI-based terrestrial network system, running across existing nationwide LTE and extended network in bushland, will be an essential tool for Australian State and Federal Government to mitigate future disastrous bushfires like Black Summer 2019 with its ability to  monitor continuously 24/7 and autonomously.

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