Detection System for Data Center Backdoor and Eavesdropping Device


Remote Terminal Alpha-S

  • Function: Detects and transmits abnormal signals to server
  • Features: 
    • 24/7 continuous monitoring using intelligent analytics
    • Coverage Area: 330 m2 (18 x18m)
    • Frequency range: 25kHz - 6GHz
    • One antenna covers whole range of frequency

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Controller Alpha-S

  • Function: Integrates signals from multiple remote terminal units to analyse and manage large data
  • Features: 
    • A single server can link multiple terminals upto 1,000 Remote terminals.
    • Keeps all the record of all suspicious bugging frequencies detected even during your absence.


Management Terminal Alpha-S

  • Function: Automatically analyses signals to alert eavesdropping status and generate detection report
  • Features: 
    • Able to replay audio/video of covert wireless signals 
    • Not need professional monitoring