Product Overview


System and Service

 We provide new Alpha-S, 24/7 monitoring and detection system for wireless data hacking and eavesdropping devices with continuous technological innovation.

Our solutions are used by 98% market of the government, public institutions, municipalities, military, police and recently renowned company data center of South Korea.

From 2019, our overseas market includes USA, UK, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE and Singapore where we won international bidding Mitygo will introduce personal detecting system for motor vehicle from 4th quarter 2020. 

Our Solution

As technology develops, Wireless hacking by backdoor and Eavesdropping are becoming more advanced. Traditional detecting methods cannot be the solution. Our new third-generation system captures the abnormal signals that occur when anomalous traffic is transmitted. This is the brand new to Australia.   

Proven Tract Records

Our systems have implemented 98% Korean market in a wide range contexts such as:  

  • Central Government 
    • Blue House (Korean Presidential House)
    • Foreign Affairs Department
    • National Assembly (Office & Accommodation)
    • Police Stations
    • Military (Navy, Air Force, Army)
    • National security agencies
  • Public Institutions
    • Banks
    • Universities 
    • Hospital & Hotel VIP rooms 
  • Private Institutions
    • Corporate executive/meeting rooms
  • General public
    • Home offices
    • Public figures' office & housing
  • Data Center

Detecting System for wireless data hacking & eavesdropping


Remote Terminal, Alpha-S

  • Function: Detects and transmits abnormal signals to server
  • Features: 
    • 24/7 continuous monitoring using intelligent analytics
    • Coverage Area: 330 m2 (18 x18m)
    • Frequency range: 25kHz - 6GHz

                  (There has not been any report of a                        bugging device having frequencies 

above 6 GHz)

  • One antenna covers whole range of frequen

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Controller, Alpha-S

  • Function: Integrates signals from multiple remote terminal units to analyse and manage large data
  • Features: 
    • A single server can link 300 terminals (max 1,000 remote terminals)
    • Monitor multiple rooms and locations (simultaneously domestic & international) from one central control center
    • Keeps all the record of all suspicious bugging frequencies detected even during your absence.


Management Terminal, Alpha-S

  • Function: Automatically analyses signals to alert eavesdropping status and generate detection report
  • Features: 
    • Able to replay audio/video of covert wireless signals 
    • Not need the professional for monitoring



Specifications Brochure

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