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Wireless Cyber Security & Eavesdropping Detection System


Wireless Cyber Security and Eavesdropping Detection System

Mitygo Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company providing novel solution to prevent risk of Cyber attack and eavesdropping.

Australian Prime Minister declared on 19 June 2020 that Australia was facing sophisticated state-based cyber attacks, which he said were “ongoing” and their frequency and scale were increasing.
Recently, about 300 million attempts of Cyber attack & Eavesdropping per day have been reported in USA.
We provide new advanced ALPHA-S, 24/7 monitoring and detection system for wireless data hacking and eavesdropping devices with continuous technological innovation.
Our solutions are used by 98% of the South Korean market including the presidential house, governments, public institutions, municipalities, military, police and recently Samsung SDS Data centres.
From 2019, our overseas market includes USA, UK, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE and Singapore where we won international bidding.

Mitygo’s Solution

As technology evolves, wireless hacking by backdoor chips and eavesdropping are becoming more advanced. Traditional detecting methods cannot be the solution. Our system captures the unauthorised RF signals transmitted outside during the anomalous traffic. This is the brand new to Australia and New Zealand.