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DNN(Deep Neural Network), AI-based Early Bushfire Detection System

  5. Equipment Supplies

▶ AI Server

  • DNN based Object Classification / Detection algorithm
  • Edge-computing software embedded in Camera device initially detects the fire events, and Video Analytics (VA) software analyses the event via AI Server at the Command Control Centre .
  • Powerful double security with private IP (Cloud type)

LTE camera system

  • Ultrafine HD resolution, wide dynamic range camera
  • In daytime smoke and flame detection in colour
  • Night time flame and light in grey-scale low-light mode detection
  • Data compression feature
  • Switching operation between idle and active modes
  • Monitor 360 degree by panning, tilting and zooming (PTZ)
  • Wiper and pressurized cartridge equipped cameras
  • Electronic image stabilization
  • Cell radius of approx. 20 km in open field.

ICS Repeater or Microwave for extending the Telco’s existing LTE coverage area in remote areas

Solar panel and ESS (Energy Storage System) for power back up

Camera cell pole / tower (about 30m height)

Command Control Centre (each state and Commonwealth as necessary)

Smart warning and evacuation mobile application

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