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DNN(Deep Neural Network), AI-based Early Bushfire Detection System

   8. Differentiators

■ The Earliest Possible true Warnings before active bushfire!

■ Fire detecting algorithm with great accuracy by DNN based VA (Video Analytics) solution on AI Server (proven in South Korea for Fire Detection Projects).

■ Initial detection of fire events by Edge-computing software embedded on camera device

■ Powerful double security with private IP

■ Ultrafine HD images are transmitted via purpose-built Microwave Repeater and existing Telco’s LTE mobile network

■ Data compression and dual mode operation (idle and active modes) minimizing operating cost

■ Smart Warning and Evacuation Mobile Application possible

■ Extra benefits are more than you can imagine

  • Monitoring the eco-environment for other natural events, such as floods
  • Assist locating missing persons by using their own mobile phone in remote areas
  • Provide greater reach for mobile phone-based alerting to local population
  • Improving telecommunication coverage to be used for coordinated by firefighters and evacuees during a disaster
  • Camera cell tower enables to extend monitoring coverage such as, Large Farms, Military Camps, Large Civil construction sites, Mining Areas, solar Cell Farms, etc.
  • Big farms, solar cell farms, large civil construction sites, military camps, miner areas, etc.

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