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DNN(Deep Neural Network), AI-based Early Bushfire Detection System

   2. How it works

The embedded edge-computing software enables the intelligent camera to recognise fire events from background data stored. It then sends the event data to the Control Centre’s AI server via the existing LTE and extended mobile network in bushland.

A Deep Neural Networks (DNN) algorithm on the AI server recognises the fire and immediately alerts the Rural Fire Service (or other nominated command structure), with precise coordinates to allow for rapid response.
“The Earliest Possible True Warnings Before Active Bushfire!”

Our solar powered, structurally robust but light camera poles can also be used in non-mobile network coverage areas in bushland.

Our system has the ability to provide the following extra benefits :

  • Monitoring the eco-environment for other natural events, such as floods
  • Assist locating missing persons by using their mobile phone in remote areas
  • Provide greater reach for mobile phone-based alerting to local population
  • Improving telecommunication coverage to be used for coordinated by firefighter and evacuees during a disaster

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