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NeuralEye AI Box Solution

Innovation of existing Camera System with NeuralEye AI Box Solution

1. Benefit of NeuralEye AI Box Solution

Integrate AI Innovative Box Solution into your existing Camera system :

  • Without replacement of your existing IP Video Surveillance system and Network infrastructures
  • AI-deep learning video analytics
  • This is the most efficient and affordable way to upgrade your business and service

It goes beyond security :

  • Our AI accurate detection and higher rated recognition through “Event rules & Action” engine ( Intrusion, occupancy, loitering, stop, entry/exit, line cross, license plate/face recognition, etc.) provides customer trend analytics, C19 compliance tools, powerful employee/customer safety monitoring and more. It is customizable.
  • Automatic alarm broadcasting and audio out
  • Object filtering to cater for environmental changes (shadow, snow, rain, etc.)

Powerful marketing asset :

  • Reporting and analytics are available with dashboards (pie charts graphs, heatmaps, etc.) for a wide range of parameters such as number of visitors, area usage and/or time spent.

Complimentary system :

  • No additional load on the centre server

Proven AI Box Solution :

  • used nationwide across South Korea, certified by KISA (Korea Internet & Security Agency)
  • deployed all of the world including the UK, Sweden, Dubai, Spain and USA