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NeuralEye AI CCTV Solution

Innovation of existing CCTV System with NeuralEye AI Box Solution

1. Benefit of NeuralEye AI Box Solution

Integrate the latest AI Solution into your existing CCTV system :

  • Without replacing your existing Camera and Network infrastructures
  • AI-deep learning video analytics
  • This is the most efficient and inexpensive way to upgrade existing CCTV system

Not just for security :

  • Customisable based on your needs across various scenarios
  • Customers trend analysis
  • Employee Safety monitoring
  • Automatic Alert broadcast
  • Covid-19 Compliance tools and more

Powerful marketing asset :

  • Reports and analytics are available with dashboard (pie charts graphs, heatmaps, etc.) across wide range of parameters

Complimentary system :

  • No additional load on the centre sever

Proven AI Box Solution :

  • used nationwide across South Korea, certified by KISA (Korea Internet & Security Agency)
  • deployed across 850 sites in the UK, Sweden, Dubai and USA