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NeuralEye AI Box Solution

Innovation of existing Camera System with NeuralEye AI Box Solution

2. NeuralEye Product Overview and Optional Licenses

•  Deep Learning:  AI-based video analytics “Event rules & Action” engine

Models available in 4 / 16 Ch (camera feeds)
• Higher recognition rate (>95%) by KISA (Korea Internet & Security Agency)
• Minimised false alarms
• Active event triggers
• Edge computing device: No extra load on central server.

• Object Filtering : branch shake, shadows, snow, rain, and more.

• Provides; Report/ analytics dashboards

•  Utilisations:
    – Business Intelligence:   customer trend analytics, access control, C19 compliance tools, powerful customer/ employee safety & surveillance, access control, crowd management, fallen person, fire detection, safety helmet, licence plate recognition, mask wearing, face recognition(blacklist), colour/ abandonment/ violence detection, human thermal imaging, and more

• Compatibility:
– with existing ONVIF-based VMS, NVR/DVR, alarm monitoring system (reporting file format CSV/JSON)

•  Easy integration:
–  with annotated video streams
–  with various APIs and Protocols (ONVIF, RTSP, Email, TCP, RS485)
–  HTML5 Web based configuration (No Plugin)

NeuralEye Optional Licences

License ModelDescriptionLicence ModelDescription
Basic/includedObject (Human, Vehicle, Bike)N-FRFace Recognition (Blacklist)
Basic/includedObject TrackingN-PFPerson Fall Down Detection
Basic/includedReule Engine / Event ServerN-LPLicence Plate Recogition
N-MDWearing Mask/SunglassN-GCGender Classification
N-HVHuman + Vehicle (Bus, Trunk, Car, Human)N-OFCObject Detector For Fisheye Camera
N-PMPrivacy MaskingN-FDFlame/Fire Detection
N-CDColour DetectorN-VDViolence Detection
N-ADAbandonment DetectionN-PTCPersonal Detector for Thermal Imaging Camera
N-SHSafety Helmet